Slavery in Aerth

In a world of competing peoples and conquering tribes, slavery has been a fact of life across Aerth. The social acceptability and legality of slavery differs according to where one happens to be. The Society of the Silver Moon and Harp (Harpers) are one example of a group actively working against slavery of sentient beings.

The most common case arising is that slaves are property, to be bought and sold. The origin of slavery lies in being a conquered people, a result of debt, or to be born into it as a social class.

Slavery is currently illegal in Merrovin, Stiengard, Frostdale, and some of the smaller holds in the Northern Marches.

Slavery is most active in Empires of Arkea, The Monarchy of Vodarre, and The City States of Panrovia.

In many regions slavery is accepted but uncommon or termed as indentured servitude.

In some regions slaves can eventually save enough to buy their freedom.

Vodarre has been the most successful in recent centuries with the establishment of slaving rings to acquire exotic humanoids not commonly enslaved before. This includes lizard folk, deep gnomes, ogres, and goblins.

Slavery in Aerth

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