Orc Kill Crew

A band of misfits, sociopaths, and killers.

Darl Rikkerson – Human Bounty Hunter from near Stiengard. Lost his brother and the rest of his family to Orc raiders, leading to his lack of self restraint when it comes to the ‘greenskins’. Crossbow expert, carrying several of them on his person of various sizes, leading to some likening him to a porcupine.

Whitey – Elven Dragon blood Sorcerer, a former magic experiment on the run who crossed paths with Darl, leading to a beneficial partnership.

Osgood ‘Ozzie’ Underhill – Halfling Thug from the Northern Marches. Being part of the Orc Kill Crew provided him with a mostly socially acceptable outlet for his violent ways.

Hymnie – The most recent addition to the Crew, a Dwarf Rogue on the run from the law and a gang war.

The Crew has found themselves thrown out of several towns and cities for the violence they have brought with them but has still managed to redeem themselves through bringing down enemies worse than them.

The most recent example of this was their pivotal part against the Hobgoblin Maces of Herka operating out of the Cut Rock Caves in Eisengard. This brought them a pardon for their actions in Lakeshore and even recognized as heroes of the battle.

Orc Kill Crew

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