Lords of the Earth and Air, Sea and Storm (Gods of the Far North)

The Ullard: Gods of Sea and Storm, War and Craft
“When time began, the Aerth was but a cold ball of ice. As the ice began to melt, it formed into the first primordial giants. The giants did rock the foundations of the Aerth itself as they fought one another until Fate itself cried out against this destruction.
“Born of the sky’s rage came a champion, Kargan which is to mean Vengeance of the Sky. With great cunning he did slay the mightiest of the giants, Aldlam, splitting its body in twain. Where the giant’s blood fell, sprung the monsters, and where the giant’s body fell rose the great mountains. The champion then took the giant’s wife for his own and she bore him a son, Osroc, who tore his way from her belly to be born.
“The champion then took another bride, named Milyne, of the immortal people who came from the World Tree. She bore him two more sons, Beorn and Kriegen. Together they did vanquish the giants and drove off the monsters. Upon the highest of mountains did the gods then make their home and they did rest.”
Prologue to the Saga of Hornhild Twiceborn

The Ullard are old, their names writ unto the winds and waves. The Lochlanoch clans speak not only of their strength but also their cunning in peace and war. Through their deeds and sacrifice the World Tree continues to stand. Demons and worse have sought to extinguish the sun and swallow the oceans but the Gods of the North and their followers have remained vigilant and stood strong against them. Their epic poems describe how close the world has been to ending multiple times, saved only after the death of one or more of the Ullard.

The Ullard claim a bloodline that connects them to both the Primordial Giants and the people of the World Tree, connecting them closely to elemental forces. It is perhaps this bloodline that has made them so different from the other gods and why they stand apart from them. If nothing else, these deities embody the harsh nature of the north and the closely knit ties of kin and honor.

A cleric of the Ullard will be called to only one of the gods but will represent the will of the Ullard as a whole to their community (Game mechanic – Clerics of the Ullard typically choose Healing, Nature, Tempest, or War).

The current generation of the Ullard include:

  • Boe: Skillful warrior, master marksman, master of games
  • Vid: The silent one, master warrior, he who sits in judgement
  • Thrud: Blind prophetess and mistress of fields. Queen of Ravens.
  • Bludghad: The fury and destruction of the ocean tempest, given woman’s form. Sprung forth from the blood spilled by father Vilbrand as he died in battle. She carries the spear Waldhorn.
  • Osroc: Black Hand, Mountain King, crafter of artifacts. Forever scarred by the venom of the Serpent of the Abyss, his features hidden behind his ever present helm.
  • Villar: Master of all weapons, Avenger of the Fallen.
  • Silnur and Solnari: Moon Sister and Shield Maid of the Skies
  • Duoni: Keeper of the Dead, Lord of the Moonless Sea
  • Eir: Goddess of Healing
  • Saga: Goddess of Poetry
  • Valhalan: Bard for the Dead, Escort of the Fallen

Among the fallen can be found the following:

  • Kargan (Deceased) Grandfather of Storms, Vengeance of the Sky, Old Spirit Eye. Lean and gaunt beneath his cloak and wide brimmed hat. He faced death more than once but has not returned this time.
  • Beorn (Deceased) Bear Lord, Father Red Axe, Foe Slayer
  • Kriegen (Deceased) Thunder Striker, Blood-letter. Berserkers are still said to be Kreigen Touched (Cursed or Blessed depending on the battle).
  • Milyne (Returned to the World Tree) Bountiful Mother, Life Giver, Bringer of Spring, Daughter of the One Tree. It is she who breathed life into the First men and taught them the arts of agriculture. She wore a crown of pine boughs and carries the golden apples of life. She was mother to Beorn and Kriegen.
  • Norri (Deceased) God of Night, Father of Sirunt and Solnari

Lords of the Earth and Air, Sea and Storm (Gods of the Far North)

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