Free Haven

“Anyone who calls it Free Haven hasn’t had to pay the tariffs.”

“What is good for the Guilds is good for Free Haven.”

City of Markets

Free Haven enjoys an enviable position, located between the kingdoms of the south and west and the frontiers to the east and north. It is without doubt among the most bustling of ports.


The Guild system may not have originally developed in Free Haven, but to hear them tell the tale, Free Haven is the father and mother of all other guilds. It is true that the Guilds are the strongest political force in Free Haven, occupying nine of fifteen seat in the city council and being financially responsible for the military.

Street of the Gods

Though the Free Cities do not seem to attract many of the devout, they have their fair share of temple districts. Free Haven’s Street of the Gods is the largest of any of them. One may find a shrine dedicated to the Lochlanach Boe, god of warrior skill and marksmanship, located between a temple of the Seven and a House of Mors, minor god of death. Though exempt from normal taxation, the temple districts are responsible for the upkeep of their own roads and minor services.

Certain faiths remain publically unrepresented as they are seen as bad for business but it is said that if enough coin were passed, even Orcus could get a temple in Free Haven.

Free Haven

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