Dwarf Paragons and the Maker

The first thing the Maker, he wrote himself.
The second thing the Maker did, he wrote the Laws.
The third thing the Maker did, he wrote the World.
The fourth thing the Maker did, he wrote a cave.
The fifth thing the Maker did, he wrote a geode, an egg of stone.
And in the twilight of the mouth of the cave, the geode hatched, and the Brothers were born. These were the first Dwarfs, and they found the Laws and knew the Maker.
– Word of the Maker

According to lore of the Kraags, the Maker, the Maker is responsible for all things useful to be found in the Deep. The Maker does not demand worship but instead expects the dwarfs to strive towards excellence. There are some dwarfs who became such pinnacles that the Maker did welcome them into his domain as Paragons, their names writ in the First Cave. As Paragons, they do not demand worship either but are prayed to for advice and inspiration. Their graven images are usually found in homes, workshops, and public spaces. Shrines are few, but when they are erected they are expected to perform some practical purpose.

The Maker, Law Giver, Moradin Name Giver, Tak

He bears and axe and a hammer, implements of battle and crafting.

Clangeddin Redbeard, Paragon of Battle

Master of battle and strength of arm. Wields a two handed battle axe. One of his greatest tales describes how he and his four brothers held a mountain pass against an entire army of orcs.

Berronar Truesilver, Paragon of Healing and Home

Berronar wears a blue cloak as do those who follow her path. Hers is a tale of sacrifice and devotion.

Dumathon, Defender of the Dead

Dumathon is responsible for watching over the stone graves of the dwarfs, silent and grim. His path is two fold. As a priest, he tended tirelessly to the wounded and the fallen in the Chaos Wars. In his final days Dumathon led a band of clannless dwarfs in a suicide mission beneath the Mountains of Mourn, to reclaim the bodies of the King’s family from the perversions of the Chaos Dwarfs.

Kuranthal, Watcher of the Roads

Jolnir of the Longbeard

Stories abound of the Maker sending red cloaked Jolnir of the Longbeard to deliver toys and meat to the good little dwarfs and only a bag of bones to the bad. So the do the children rush to the family hearth to unwrap the sacks left by Jolnir on the final day of Langbaren.

Tharnekal, Keeper of the Forge

Vergadal, Teller of Tales

Dwarf Paragons and the Maker

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