Common Sources

Meroditus the Sage
– Archaen
– various dry historical texts
– Almanacs (calendar dating,
– Centuries (historical profile of the Empire and its significant leaders)

Fall of the First Empire of Arkea, Magister Plutarian

- Kraag Murn of Vol-Han (The lesson of Haks-Bider)

Marcello Muldanado of Panrovia
– traveller, explorer, architect, playwright, wanted man
– travelled in the company of the son of a Shek
- wrote many travelogues and plays banned by either the Grand Light of Eos or the various religious leaders of the Septarium.

Kothicia, written by the Argean scholar Kanetho
– Wrote several rivaling accounts against Meroditus the Sage
– Self proclaimed expert on the Serpent Kingdoms
– Accused of embellishing history to make for better popularity

Sentarim Clan Valkethys
– wandering sage, self proclaimed draconian scholar

The Book of Dyzan (author lost to the ravages of time)
– details the cycle of great cataclysms, including the one that swallowed entire islands and the war of the gods.

Codex of the Infinite Planes
– describes the various Planes theorized to exist based on the evidence of otherworldly entities such as Fey, Demons, and Undead.
– Attempts to list all known (but not necessarily confirmed) primary otherworlds entities like the Demon Princes and the Elemental Lords.
– Additional editions have been released since the original work. Despite the improvements made through the inclusion of additional material, much is suspected to have been lost or mistranslated from the original texts.
– Original text was in the lost language of Voorish. Translations have been made in Abyssal, Infernal, Primoridial, and Celestial.
– Several volumes have been lost or destroyed during events like the Sacking of Arsican, the burning of Xandaria’s great libraries, and the Patriarch’s Third Purge (it was listed as forbidden lore). Any existing copies are likely to be found in ruins or the libraries of the Mistwood.

Common Sources

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