Cataclysm of the Blue Fire

The causes of this Cataclysm are subject to great scholarly debate. Some cite the Archmage Wars as breaking the world. Others claim it was a second God War between the Old Gods and the Gods of the Empire that tore open the sky and earth. Whatever the cause, the consequences were many.

It was the first recorded outbreak of the Spell Plague (Demon Pox is believed to be a form of this), afflicting spell casters and magical beasts.

The Blue Fire that gave name to this Cataclysm began as storms that rained down across the land. Then the Blue Fires began to burn, unleashing wild magics and wastelands, misshapen beasts and rifts between worlds. In the end, the land and the races were reshaped.

The very nature of magics torn asunder and rewoven, many of the older magics destroyed. The Dreaming of the Fey was broken, so they abandon this world as many of the elves began their journey to the West.
Races and species previously unknown to the Northern Continent were discovered. Some castaways from other worlds or displaced from other regions, replacing the fallen elder races.

From these disasters began the dawning of the Age of Man, supplanting the former Empires of the Elder Races.

Cataclysm of the Blue Fire

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