The City States of Panrovia

“Enemies strengthen you, Allies weaken”
Duke Leonidas of House Atreidae__

There is something of a madness to being Panrovian. Paranoid nobles and orthodox priests jockey for advantage in a great game of ever changing rules. Supposedly a woman is restricted to her home and household but this has only made the manipulation of a female all the harder to spot.

“Men are so simple and inclined to obey immediate needs that a deceiver will never lack for victims.
Lady Bianca Maltessa of Ravenna

Home to many a plotting noble and contemplating monk. Cornered on all sides – west and south of Merrovin, bordering on Vodarre to the west, Archea to the south, surrounded by mountains and swamps. To survive there requires a great deal of cunning and tenacity, both as an individual and as a state. Despite numerous attempts to unite as a kingdom, Panrovia is at best a confederacy of city states trying to gain advantage over each other while keeping outside powers at bay. Often this struggle erupts into mercenary battles over strategic points of access and business.

Despite all of this, Panrovia has remained largely untouched by the ravages of the Underdark incursions and other disasters that plagued its neighbours. Panrovia has been well placed to resist past expansionist efforts of Vodarre and Merrovin, invasions by outsiders being one of the few occasions where the city states have stood united. Indeed it has been at war more often with itself than with outsiders but careful to respect the working of trade and business, allowing for the continued flourishing of luxury goods and artisan patronage.

Panrovian merchants and diplomats are normally assumed to be spies. The true spy masters do nothing to discourage this for it allows their true agents to pass with far less scrutiny.

Common Names

Male: Alberto, Antonio, Carlo, Ernesto, Felice, Fortunato, Gianna, Giuseppe, Leon, Marco, Modesto, Pietro, Rinaldo, Rolando, Savino, Siro, Timeo, Toni, Umberto, Vito

Female: Alesio, Angelina, Clarissa, Crescenza, Elena, Fiora, Iolanda, Lea, Luisa, Miranda, Natalia, Paolao, Penelope, Rachele, Rebecca, Regina, Sandra, Valeria, Veronica, Viola

Regions / City States

The domains of control are regularly shifting as loyalties are negotiated and mercenary armies clash over strategic locations. Smaller cities like Uzzo and Puli have clung to the greater city states, forming larger sphere of influences for greater cities. The conflict between cities could be described as almost stable or at least civil in the exchange. Indeed, Panrovian mercenaries have been criticized for fighting almost bloodless wars, opting for ransom and scheduled respites. As far as the greater noble families are concerned, all out war would be damaging to business as usual, as was experienced during the repeated strife between the Falco and Fiori factions in prior centuries.

The greater cities and noble houses include:

  • Chiorra
    Rich in natural resources, masters of glass blowing
    House of Bari
  • Gomitto
    Merchant republic
    Merchant families of Zaninni, Caligri, Luccini
  • Sentinelle
    Hardy folk, borders on a swamp.
    House of Harkonnen
  • Mercanto
    Controls the best mountain pass east to Merrovin.
    Many a monastary
    House of Grimaldi
  • Ravenna
    Self proclaimed kingdom. Frequently at odds with neighbors.
    Royal household of Atreidae
  • Averni
    Borders on the Firetop Mountains. A taciturn folk used to hard living. Birthplace of many a Panrovian mercenary.
    Houses of Villanova and Tarento

The City States of Panrovia

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