Northern Marches

Northern Marches
According to some, these city states stand as the furthest outposts of civilization; others call them urbanized barbarians. Neither statement is totally false. In either case, their rapid growth and influence cannot be ignored by their neighbors. The Northern Marches includes Free Haven (known for it’s vast market and enterprise, run by the Guilds), Stiengard (crafters and warriors, ancestral leadership of the Duke), Frostdale (doorway to the north, supplier of raw goods, Elected leadership) to name the three biggest and best known cites.

Common Names
Aidan, Alan, Bran, Dwyer, Edward, Finn, Harold, Jerome, Keith, Liam, Malcolm, Michael, Morgan, Ossian, Quinn, Richard, Shawn, Thomas, Walter
Aileen, Alison, Bridgit, Caroline, Denise, Elaine, Grace, Helen, Jane, Karen, Leila, Maeve, Mary, Pamela, Sabbina, Sybil, Teresa

Common Names
Axel, Bernhard, Dirk, Erich, Gustav, Hans, Josef, Kurt, Max, Reinhard, Rolf, Stefan, Volker
Cornelia, Dora, Elsa, Eva, Ingrid, Kirstin, Lena, Sigrid

Free Haven

Vast market
Guild headquarters
Street of the Gods


Crafters, Warriors
Ancestral Duke
Dwarf trading post
Mountain Pass Fortress


Doorway to the North
Elected leadership
Raw goods
Ancient Elven Ruins nearby


Settlement of Riekland origins
Reputation as a gloomy land, bordering on civilized.

Northern Marches

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