Merrovin is perhaps the largest recognized land holding in the Middle Marches, a kingdom of noble knights, pious priests, and a multitude of common folks to support the lifestyle of the nobility.

Truly, the Royal Court of King Carolus and Queen Coraline is something to behold in their full regalia. A complex system of fealty, heredity, and awarded titles continues to rule the provinces but all in some manner owe their final loyalty to the Crowns of Merrovin and their Heirs. At times the matter of a rightful heir has spawned great wars, and others the transition was far more peaceable. In any case, there have been multiple distinct dynasties of royal families and each have laid claim to a bloodline originating with the Aldric, First King of Merrovin.

Merrovin was named for the river Merrow that flowed through the region, home to many tribes prior to the Arkean conquest. Once the tribes of the Merrow with the assistance of the Bora elves established their independence from the crumbling Empire, they quickly assumed control of the surrounding peoples. As proudly as they might declare their heritage, their original culture had been mostly supplanted by that of the Empire.

The Kingdom of Merrovin boasts several major cities, trading centers, and a cultural tolerance for different races and religions. Geographically it is bordered by the Iron Mountains and the Border Princes to the east, the Serpentine Mountains and Western Woods to the west, and the Pale Mountains and marshes to the south.

Common Names
Ambrose, Blaise, Eugene, Felix, Gerard, Guy, Henri, Jacques, Jules, Luc, marc, Pierre, Remy, Sebastien
Allette, Andree, Arielle, Blanche, Camille, Cosette, Dominque, Estelle, Francine, Georgette, Henriette, Julia, Lydia, Phebe, Roseline, Vivienne

Major Cities and Provinces


Central Province. Heart of Merrovin and original home to the barbarian tribes that eventually united and drove the Empire all the way back to heart of Archea.
Rich in forests, rivers, and has a coastline along the Inner Sea.
Merroval (City): Home of the Royal Palace, a city of spires that ascend towards the sky, mighty arches that support great cathedrals and houses of learning and art.


North Western Province. Named for Tarus Maximus, one of the original Archean generals (and later Magistrate) that established a colony in the region. It borders on the Western Woods and the Bora Forest.

Its primary industry is rooted in mining and craftsmanship. In more recent times it has become a site of many monasteries.


Eastern Province. Under the Karlain Dynasty (spelled Charlaine elsewhere), Bader was not only part of the Kingdom but briefly its capitol, claiming the largest historical Kingdom of Merrovin. This lasted until the death of Lovis V, last of the Karlain kings.
Since being annexed once more by Merrovin, the spelling has been returned to Baedeux though most of the local populace have yet to adopt the change.
Well known for its wine production and fertile valleys. The dialect spoken by the locals still bears the distinctive guttural sound of the Borderlands.

Castle Drachenbourg remains the ancestral seat of power in the region, an edifice centuries in the making.


South Western Province. Still very rich in its Archean history prior to being claimed by Merrovin. It borders on the marshes of the Mistwoods to the west and the Pale Mountains to the south.
One may find ancient amphitheaters, arches, circuses, and aqueducts alongside modern trading ports and water driven industry. It has benefited greatly as a major trading hub to Panrovia and Archea. Many religious pilgrims can be found on the roads through this region, traveling to holy sites of antiquity.


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