Major Mage Keeps and Colleges of the Northern Continent

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Towers of the Celestial Wisdom
(Merrovin) Dedicated seekers of the unknown

House of the Untempered Maiden

House of the Eight Gates

Caretakers of the Unspoken Depths

The Obsidian Chamber
(Archea) Perhaps the most prestigious of the existing colleges with a history dating back to the First Empire. Membership is available only by invintation, not an uncommon thing in Archea, but no other College can boast of having multiple emperors in their alumni.

Vault of the Flaming Wheels of Cosmos
(Northern Marches) Focused on the offensive capabilities of magic, known for producing arcane warriors, war casters, and sorcerer development

Esoteric Order of the Silver Dawn
(Panrovia) Located on an island off the southern shore of Panrovia.

The Saphire Chair

The Mistwood Mages
(Mistwoods) Considered by most to be renegades, these mages have established themselves in this cursed region. According to the Mistwood Mages, they are a refuge for the pure pursuit of magic away from the politcs of the college system. Others have less generous descriptions for this band of rebels and malcontents, calling it a clear invitation for disaster.

The Unseen Academy
(Vodarre) Not quite a mage hold but rather a place of arcane secrets. Vodarre mages either pursue arcana on their own (usually reflecting their innate abilities) or by tutoring with a more experienced mage. The naturally secretive and competative culture of the drow greatly shaped the development of mages, but as a response to the great houses of lore in the Middle Marches, the Academy was introduced as a more civilized means of advancement. Many traditionalists still hold that a mage really doesn’t know anything until they have bested their former master and hold the still steaming skull / beating heart in their hand.
Needless to say, they wear what they choose to and do not follow the dress code followed by most colleges. If they wear a ring, it likely belonged to a previous master.

Major Mage Keeps and Colleges of the Northern Continent

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