Centred on Kal-Eisen, a dwarf stronghold originally founded generations ago before it was overtaken by Evil Forces from the Underdark, it is a land of rugged mountains, majestic rivers, and untamed forests. Three years ago the heir to the Iron Crown returned with eight noble companions to reclaim his heritage, leaving all but three dead and half the mountain collapsed. Erik Ironfist, adopted kin of the lost Heir, now sits the Throne beneath the Mountain and has called for the return of those that once called Eisen home, be they Dwarf, Human, or Elf. He has also called for brave adventurers to aid in reclaiming the land from the marauding bands that remain entrenched in the Grey Woods and the Deep Roads.

Kal Eisen
The mountain stronghold ruled by the dwarf line of Iron Kings before it was overwhelmed by a subterranean invasion from the Underdark. Once again there is an Iron King who sits the throne, but as a distant heir who does not bear the artifacts of rule there was yet to be recognition by the dwarf Kron-Karalis.
Known for its mining wealth, but currently the tunnels to the Deep Roads remain infested with Underworlders.
The King’s Rest, Notable tavern owned by James Hand, one of the survivors of the Nine

Situated on where the great river Rho pours into an immense lake, Lakeshore has been a significant trading hub since its inception. Originally an Arkean settlement, it has repeatedly changed hands over the centuries. When the First Empire fell, Merrovin forces laid claim to the town. Eventually it attempted to declare its independence before most recently declaring fealty to the Dwarf kingdom of Eisengard.

At one time Stonehaven was a minor iron mining town, eventually abandoned when the mine ran dry. It became inhabited once more when it was used as a refuge against an Orc invasion from the east. During that time a major vein of precious metals was uncovered, leading to the town being repopulated under the new name of Stonehaven.

The Grey Woods
An ancient forest that has become a refuge for goblins and other fell creatures that retreated when Kal Eisen was retaken. There was a time when a trade road passed the Woods, both north to the The Borderlands and east to Black Gate Pass and Morvin-Kal.

Small outpost town that has survived invasions, restless dead, and cultists – a fact that the inhabitants wear as a badge of honor. Beryl lies to the north west, near an abandoned road to Merrovin. Recent excavations of ancient ruins has uncovered a darker history to the region.


  • The King’s Road
    The [[Kal Eisen Engineering Corp. | Kal Eisen Engineering Corp.]] has been working to restore the High Roads (originally an Imperial Trade Road) and the Deep Roads (Dwarf construction to connect the Great Halls). They are marked by distance milestones and frequent rest inns.


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