Cults of the Old Gods

Though surpassed during the Imperial occupation, the ancient cults continue in one form or another. Origin accounts of the gods generally agree that they sprung forth from the older primal ones but actually took an interest in the affairs of mortals. Though primarily found in Merrovin and the Borderlands, the cults of individual gods may be found abroad such as Shrines of the Checkered Shield dedicated to Larani maintained by paladins across the Marches (often as a subordinate of Themes) or the secretive Crimson Hooks – a cult of Agrik recently uncovered in the capital of Vodarre.

Though not officially a pantheon, there is enough lore that links together the actions of these gods to find their worshipers often treat them as such.

Agrik (evil) Tyranny, cruelty, destruction, the fire that cleanses and destroys.
Symbol: Red flames on a black shield, sometimes ornamented with a mace.
Not publicly worshiped in most civilized lands.

• Halea (good): Beauty, life, pleasure, passion, wealth
Symbol: A round gold bell on a blue roundel
Patron of entertainers, prostitutes, and merchants

• Ilvir (neutral): Shape shifter and warrior, god of the wild places
Symbol: A single severed white claw upon a divided field of gold and brown.
Patron of those who walk the wild places, shape shifters

• Larani (good): Lady of Paladins, reluctant warrior, sword of chivalry
Symbol: A longsword inverted upon a lozenge, divided red and white.
Patron of honorable warriors

Morgath (evil): Violence, insanity, mistress of the restless dead and foul magic
Symbol: A black roundel on a silver star of eight points
No sane individual worships Morgath. Most only invoke her in an attempt to avoid her wrath but most know better of the Mad Hag.

  • Mors (Neutral): Death, funerals, Transition of the Soul
    Symbol: A golden omega, the final letter of the script of Koth.
    Mors is not so much worshiped as placated. Cloaked in his dark robes and riding upon his pale horse, Mors claims peasant and noble a like when their life is at an end. The blessing of Mors is sought to protect the dead from desecration while the soul is delivered to its rightful afterlife. Priests of Mors are proficient in a multitude of funerary procedures and do not discriminate between gods for according to prophecy, even the gods will someday pass as guests of Mors from the world.

Naveh (evil): Murder, treachery, darkness
Symbol: A red skull upon a black field. Rarely used openly, usually hidden in some greater design.
Patron of assassins.

• Peoni (good): Healing, agriculture, service to others
Symbol: A sixteen petaled daisy displayed on a green field.
Patron of farmers, healers

• Sarajin (neutral): Battlelust, warriors, fearlessness
Symbol: Twin axes crossed in saltire on a yellow shield.
Patron of warriors, berserkers, monster slayers

• Save-Knor (neutral): Sage in search of the truth, the beggar god, patron of learning
Symbol: A silver hooded lantern on a purple field.
Patron of sages, libraries

• Siem (good): Magic, crafts, wisdom, astrology
Symbol: A blue bowl filled with points of light, upon a green field.
Patron of oracles, half elves, mages, craftsmen

Non Human DIeties

Corellon SIlverhand (Neutral): Elves
Symbol: A silver hand holding a tree branch
Patron of Elves since the departure of the Fey Courts

Moradin the Maker (Lawful): Dwarfs
Symbol: An axe and hammer crossed saltirewise
Patron of Dwarfs, maker of laws

Tiamat: (Evil): Draconic
Symbol: A five headed dragon, each head a different chromatic color
Patron of evil draconic beings and evil dragon born

Bahumat (Good) Draconic
Symbol: A dragon’s head, erased
Patron to good draconic beings, dragonborn, and noble knights

Cults of the Old Gods

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