Calendar Keeping

The Northern Continent has endured many forms of time keeping, from the Ancient civilizations long lost to the Common Calendar and it’s hodge podge of gods, founding myths, and peasant lore. The Common Calendar is what emerged from the syncretic process of the Arkean imposed Imperial calendar which in turn was derived from the Lunar Cycles of Meru as interpretted by the solar calendar of Koth.

The Common Calendar was the result of the long and drawn out Council of Julias and overseen by the High Septum. It was far from the best solution but it simplified trade across the continent and was agreed upon by secular leaders as generally a good idea even if they didn’t get a month named after themselves.

Days of the Week
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Paxday (or Kingsday depending on where you happen to be). Some locals will still cleave to the old ways of Mundsdei, Treosdei, Starsday and so on.

The Weeks of the Month
First, Mid, Deep, Last are used as a modifier with the shorthand of the Month to designate roughly which week of the month, such as Deep Bloom would be the third week of the fourth month of Brightbloom.

Seasons and Months of the Year
Spring includes Greymist, Brightbloom, Stormfury, and the high holy day of Dawn’s Grace (Bloom 6th)
Summer includes Bluesky, Sweetgrass, Hightree, and the high holy day of High Sun (Sky 20th)
Autumn includes Long Shadows, Hard Rime, and Great Frost, and the high holy day of All Souls (Shadows 14th)
Winter includes Years End, Snowbreak, Bitterwind, the high holy day of New Sun (Snow 1st, official start of the year) and the festival of Yule during the incalary month of Years End.

Dating the Calendar
Some scholars and commoners still insist on the of what year of rule by a king or the domesday notation to refer to the date. However far more widespread is the Common Calendar, originally derived from the Arkean reckoning dating to the claimed date of the founding of Nuveah, the city that spawned an empire almost five hundred years after and became dominant over the Northern and Western continents. After the Great Imperial Schism, the Council of Julius reset the Western calendar according to the founding of the Archaen capitol Remul.

- from the Almanac of Meroditus the Sage

Calendar Keeping

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