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  • The Monarchy of Vodarre

    Government: Monarchy / Matriarchy (Queen Isadora), as advised by her council of advisers Population: Human, Elf, Half Elf, Tiefling Resources: Minerals, Trade Goods, Skilled Labour (sell swords, spell swords, sailors, high end artisans) Historically …

  • Hazradal del Libros

    Claims to be a Scholar of the Unseen Academy of Vodarre. Wears the common dark robes of a Vodarre drow, two shot swords, Leather or silk armor, a backpack of books and dungeoneering gear, and goggles for daylight compensation. Cheerful and charming.

  • Count Armin Cagliastro

    Self proclaimed natural philosopher, mystic, and gentleman of business, Cagliastro has risen to a place in court and the title of Count. Like many, his past is a matter of rumour and suspicioun and several dead bodies.

  • Vashaela of Vodarre

    I grew up in Vodarre. Some will say that it was a hot and brutal place, with only heathens and evil. I disagree. I was raised by my parents. They were two members of the upper-class. I wanted for very little. We had plenty of servants in our household and …

  • Balthazar Cagliastro

    His titles include Viscount of Averos, Marshal of the Ashen Hills, Knight of the Order of the Shattered Tower Currently acting as emissary to the courts of Merrovin. Son to [[:count-armin-cagliastro | Count Armin Cagliastro]]