Tordek Stormpeak



Tordek wields the war hammer Thundercloud, which is engraved with powerful runes. Otherwise he relies more on divine powers than force of arms.


Tordek is a young dwarf in the middle of his first century, who grew up in Morvin Kal but has been on the road for a few years. The Stormpeak clan once ruled a small kingdom in the northern mountains, but it was overrun by evil forces over a century ago, and the royal line died out. The clan has since then scattered; while there are some with blood linking them to the royals the bonds are too distant to make a claim, and the clan lacks the power to retake the kingdom.

Tordek is a cleric of the dwarf god Thak in his aspect as Marthammor, the forger of new paths and protector of explorers. He first made a name for himself saving the town of Greenest from a horde of kobolds and other foul creatures. The team at that time included Peck, Vashaela and Rosina, but Rosina tragically fell in battle.

Tordek Stormpeak

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