Maurice of Lakeshore

Apprentice alchemist


Lanky build, scruff of brown hair that refuses to lay flat.
Common clothes, with a variety of odd stains that will never come out.
Long, precise fingers.


Maurice’s Tale: Apprenticed to Alchemist Gustave along with Hannah and Geofrey, the three of them sent deep into the woods in search of rare flora before stumbling upon the mushroom village of the boggarts. Awakening to being tied down and fattened, Maurice had all but given up hope when he was discovered by the party. Though terrified during the experience of confronting Black Annie, he managed to scrape together several exotic samples that managed to distinguish himself in the eyes of Alchemist Gustave.

Maurice is packed up with a letter of recommendation from Gustave and sent to find his way to the Towers of Celestial Wisdom and train to become a proper wizard.

Maurice of Lakeshore

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