Dungeon Delvers

Chapter 8: The High Road

Once more Our Heroes or on the road, potentially finding new allies within the Fraternal Order of the Gauntlets of Justice and new enemies as they are ambushed by goblin worg riders. Tracking the riders back to their lair, they suspect that there might be more behind these attackers.

Time Frame: Deepstorm, more specifically beginning on Kingday, the 16th Day of Stormfury

Myrtle penetient knight and cleric to Themes
Bella, Corwin, Fritz (penetient knights)
Ariel (Elf scout)
Jack Montrey (Teamster)
Morin, Ox, Hymni, Deever (disgruntled dwarf hired guards)
Knight Captain Stefan (former Champion)
Knight Sergeant Alaric (right hand to the Knight Captain)
Wandering Knight Kevin ‘Mac’ MacArghul (Skald)

16 Storms: Leave Lakeshore but within hours caught in seasonal downpour
17 Storms: Arrive at Vordergrund Castle (currently serving as a chapterhouse to the Fraternal Order of the Gauntlets of Justice but mostly jsut referred to as Storm Chapterhouse)
18 Storms: Resume journey, dwarf guards have been replaced by poor knights of the order
21 Storms: Evening is shattered by a goblin ambush. Though routed, the goblins have inflicted enough harm to delay the journey by at least another day
22 Storms: The heroes leave their caravan to the protection of the poor knights while they further pursue the trail of the goblins and worgs to their foul lair.


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