The Shining Trapezohedron

Also known as the Eye of the Hunter or Gateway to the Eight Fold Pit

A crazed angled stone, nearly black in hue with scarlet striations. It is a polyhedron of many irregular flat surfaces, warm to the touch. The light it catches seems to twist and bend, almost pulsating as one watches it. The stone is belived to be a conduit for diabolical summoning. In the proper hands there is no telling what it could call forth. Wielded even by the inexperienced, it still unleashed the livliest of horrors.

Most recently encountered in a concealed basement being used by the Lycanon Bravos as a smuggling outlet. The at this time had passed through many hands including that of Lycanon’s leader, Kirk Blackhammer who lead his own gang, and the merchant caravan that had been carrying it in secret from unknown whereabouts. The caravan had been intercepted and robbed, the loot coming into the posession of Kirk Blackhammer who in turn sold it to the Lycanon’s without truly realizing what had passed through his hands. In return, the Blackhammers found themselves targetted by Agrikan assassins and embroiled in a gang war with the Lycanons. The stone itself was recovered by (parties unknown) and turned over to an aspiring knight in hopes that this would keep it safe from the wrong hands.

How much of this strife was caused by the stone itself? Perhaps the gods themselves might know but for now, what strange coincidence guided its journey?

More importantly, where was it bound for before being interupted by road side bandits?

The Shining Trapezohedron

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