The Five Towers of Purgos

Ask any Archean child about the Five Towers of Purgos and they will likely bubble with excitement as they re-enact the duel of ancient heroes. Speak to a general or scholar and they will speak at length on the tactics utilized by the generals of old. It may not have been the greatest battle between rival kings and empires but it was certainly one of the most written about.

After the Fall of Nuveah, factions rise up against each other. The conflicts were many on multiple battlefronts, but the most famous tale is that of the Five Towers of Purgos.

The princes of Purgos had captured hostages and taken refuge at the fortified city on the east coast of the Obsidian Sea and remained there for a siege that lasted for years. In the retellings, it was the site of many a mighty heroic duel and the clash of titans on the field of battle before finally the five towers of purgos had fallen before the great host of Archea.

Left in flames and the grounds salted, the fallen so numerous that the funeral pyres burned for days after, and the survivors pressed into slavery by the victors. Purgos remains a ruins to this day, the bones picked bare and five topless towers that mark as grim reminders of the siege to end all sieges.

Those that have dared make the journey swear by the gods that they can still hear the whispers of the dead that haunt this forsaken place.

The Five Towers of Purgos

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