Notable Geographical Features

Aerth is vast and has many features, some that are named differently by those who live there than by those who wrote the maps.

Great Forests

  • Bora Forest: Home to the elves of the North
  • Western Woods: The woods that lie between Merrovin and Panrovia
  • Mistwood Marshes: A dangerous place, found along to the far south of Panrovia and Merrovin, North East of Archea.
  • Grey Woods: Stretching alongside the Spine of the World, bordering along the Border Princes and the Dwarf Kingdoms
  • Jungles of Chuul: The dark jungles of the South Lands
  • Riyalthi Bogs: To the north of Frostdale. A cold, miserable, damp place.

Mountain Ranges

  • Spine of the World: The most massive mountains, stretching from the Archean Empire to the furthest Dwarf Kingdom of the North.
  • Fell Mountains (The Riek, The Giant’s Teeth): The northern fjords of Riekland
  • Iron Mountains: The range along the borders of Eisengard.
  • Pale Mountains: Runs along the southern edge of Merrovin and north of Arkea
  • Serpentine Mountains: Along the Eastern edge of Panrovia
  • Firetop Mountains: Between Vodarre and Panrovia

Oceans and Seas

  • Frozen Sea: Far far north, beyond which is the Roof of the World, mountains that are said to reach far higher than any currently known.
  • Sea of Storms: Appropriately named region to the north of the Marches.
  • Inner Sea / Frost Sea (Laanimar, North Bay) : The region between Riekland, Northern Marches, and Merrovin.
  • Ice Bay (Medven Tenger): Found to the frozen north east, rich in fur trade and danger
  • Emerald Sea: The great sea that lies between the Northern Continent and South Lands.
  • Obsidian Sea (Cursed Sea, Sea of Monsters): An inner sea between Arkea and Archea,
  • Lost Sea: Far to the East, a rumored sea of strange tales.
  • Purple Sea: Far to the south, along the coast of the South Lands.
  • Ruby Sea (Blood Sea, Mern Sea): Forms a natural border between Argea and Arkea. Noted for it’s brilliant crimson hues when the season is right.

Blasted Places

  • Lost city of Nuvea
  • Sacked library of Arsican
  • Five Towers of Purgos
  • Vanishing Island
  • Doomed Sarnath

Notable Geographical Features

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