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Call of Heroes

Welcome to the Chronicles of Aerth
It is the year 1498 by the common reckoning, but the history of Aerth stretches much further back than that. Even as the young kingdoms posture and war against each other, ancient artifacts and elder threats return once more. It is a world of fantasy and monsters, magic and might, and new heroes to face all manner of evil.

Heroes and Villains

Within times such as these, there will arise champions and foes with their own dark agendas. Where this not the case, the world would long ago have been plunged into unending sorrow and devastation. The Chronicles of Aerth tells the tales of these champions and their epic adventures.

Exploration and Adventure

There is no shortage of the unknown that lies in wait for those daring enough to seek them out. Quests may lead to wild places that refuse to be tamed, ruins of kingdoms long ago fallen, and to land that has been transmorgified by otherworldly influences from beyond the Veil. Even the civilized lands hold their surprises where cultists and spies ply their trade in taverns and back alleys as often as they might be found in a hidden grotto or along a lonely roadside.
Storm Coast Points of Interest

Factions and Alliances Factions, Guilds, and Societies

It is a dangerous world, bringing together those with shared interests. This includes guilds and fellowships where merchants and trades folk can protect their interest, factions bound by shared ideals and goals that transcend mere nationality, and even alliances made by the leaders of cities and nations that shift from peace to war and back again. There is safety in these numbers and it is better to be part of something bigger than be alone against the world.

Main Page

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