Maces of Herka

Goals: Crush the local infrastructure, drive them from the land, and hear the lamentations of the lesser races

First encountered along the mountainside road of Eisengard.

Highly organized and skilled in group tactics by a hobgoblin officer structure.
Currently best known for fielding cavalry units of goblin worg riders armed with scimitars, javelins, and shields. Exceptional goblins function as minor officers and are better equipped with chain mail and surperior weapons.

When encountered in the Cut Rock Caves, it was discovered that they also had an on site weapon smith and an ogre, all under the command of Rictus, an Agrikan priest. The officers also bore tabards of black and orange displaying a firey mace suggesting a further affiliation with the Agrikan fighting order of the same name.

Maces of Herka

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