Kal Eisen

Ruler: Erik Ironfist (Monarch, advised by the Noble Houses)
Population: Primarily dwarf with smaller communities of gnomes and humans
Resources: Manufacturing (arms, armour), Mining (iron, mithral, gold, marble), Brewing

Recent History
This mountain stronghold was ruled by the dwarf line of Iron Kings until fifty years ago when it was overwhelmed by a subterranean invasion from the Underdark. Through the heroic sacrifice of the Iron Heir, Maxim, and his eight companions the stronghold was retaken (a tale retold by bards throughout the realm). The crown by dictate of Maxim was passed to Erik Ironfist who now sits the the Iron Throne but who has yet to be officially recognized by the Kron-Karalis.

The Deep Roads that once connected distant dwarf settlements remain menaced by creatures of the Underdark and the Artifacts of Rule remain lost in the Deep.

Notable Locations

Gold District

Home to the noble houses and the Great Council

Iron District

Home to merchants and middle class families

The King’s Rest: Tavern owned by James Hand, one of the survivors of the Nine

Stone District

Home to the lower classes and lesser clans

Gnomish Quarter (Tinker Town)
Home to resident gnomes and several halflings

Statue of Misty Sparklestar

Dirt Town

Home to those without clan (a common feature of dwarf cities). Kal Eisen currently has a very small population due to being very recently resettled and many dwarfs being elevated during the Battle of Black Gate under the new minor clans of Blackgate, Greywood, and Warchild (the last being for foundlings of unknown heritage). Other formerly clanless dwarfs were sponsored into minor servitor clans.

Palace of the King

Currently under construction after the previous palace collapsed into the vast chasm below during the reclaiming of Kal Eisen. The replacement is a stout stone building decorated with carvings of the past kings.

The Commons

The Commons is central to Kal Eisen, serving as the home to the bulk of the trade and interaction that goes on with the outside world. Unlike the Commons of other Dwarf holds, more than just surface dwarfs are allowed to do business here.

The Outer City

Kal Eisen is a city of two faces, the surface and beneath the mountain. Though many dwarfs have returned to Kal Eisen far more open minded than they left it, there is still a significant cultural barrier to accepting non dwarfs under the mountain. As a result, there has developed a secondary city outside the gates of Kal Eisen. Initially little more than a shanty town of refugees and eager merchants, over the last two years it has continued to grow. Instead of driving them away, the King has been supportive and installed representation and simple public services.

The population now includes half elves, humans, and dragonborn seeking the promised opportunity. Permenant structures include several inns (including the King’s Rest), embassies from Merrovin and Archea, a town hall that doubles as a watch house, and several trade houses and stables that continue to feed the trade between the surface and the inner city.

King’s Rest (Inn, Middle to Higher Class, Merchants, Nobles)

Handsome Jimmy’s (Tavern, Inn, Adventurers)
Staff: James Hand (owner, human retired adventurer), Harry Bluebarrel (head bartender, halfling retired adventurer, has wooden foot), Raniel (Bartender, half elf, lyre player, whistler), Gwyndylene (gnomish hostess), Nora (human barmaid), Klara (dwarf barmaid, young dreamer), Al (unseen halfling cook)

Town Hall / Watch House

Kal Eisen

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