House Rules

Destiny Chips

Destiny chips represent the fickle nudging of fate and fortune, marking events as something above and beyond that of ordinary. A single hero or villain may have several, while an entire encounter with a legion of nameless cultists might have only one. They encourage the dramatic narrative, allowing for deeds beyond that of the ordinary

Uses for a Destiny Chip

  • Take an extra standard action
  • Reroll a skill, attack, or saving throw. If the result is less than half, add 10 to the resullt
  • Ignore one level of exhaustion for the scene. Exhaustion will return after.
  • Ignore any conditional effect for one action. (yes, this includes blindness, unconsciousness, and even death)

Milestone Chip
A milestone chip represents something even more special, usually coming at the end of an entire arc or book. In addition being a Destiny Chip, it usually has other special uses specific to it. Examples may include

  • Kings Favor: One favor from the King or heal 1 hit dice of hit points and roll next attack at advantage (but must cry out name of King or Kingdom).
  • Unstoppable_: Character may gain the benefits of a short rest, including spending Hit Dice to recover Hit Points.
    *_Mage Bane
    : For the duration of one combat scene, the character gains the benefit of Mage Slayer plus having advantage on all spell saving throws no matter the range.

House Rules

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