Fraternal Order of the Gauntlets of Justice


  • Be vigiliant in the war against evil
  • Enforce justice
  • Protect those unable to protect themselves


  • Faith is your shield and your weapon; faith in the gods, faith in your friends and family, and faith in yourself
  • The war against evil requires extraordinary dedication. From that dedication comes the strength and bravery needed.

A fighting order of like minded individuals who fight for Good and Justice. Notable in being interacial (primarily dwarf and human), interfaith (primarily Kaleal, Nox, Moradin, and Clangeddin), and cross class (open to paladins, clerics, monks, and fighters, or anyone else who is willing to lend a hammer). The origins of the order date back over four hundred years when a combined effort of dwarf and human answered the call to fight an invasion of orcs and other dark creatures. A paladin of Nox and a cleric of Moradin had risen to prominence and were officially recognized by multiple monarchs for their deeds upon the field of battle. When the invasion had been routed, the paladin and a band of followers continued the pursuit into the Underdark while the cleric continued to recruit and train others under the banner of a sable gauntlet hearing an upright hammer over a golden shield.

Over time the mandate of the order has expanded to include more than just being crusaders. Traditionally they have founded chapterhouses on borderlands and areas under siege. In such places the Gauntlets have assisted in promoting law and order where there was none. Many dwarves who lacked clans sought to join the order and forge new opportunities that they would not have had within the dwarf kingdoms. In time additional humanoids joined the Order to seek redemption for their own past. More than one Knight Commander has started their path as an alternative to the noose.

Pledge of the Initiate

“I am a volunteer, serving with honor and fidelity.
Each member of this Order is my brother-in-arms, regardless of religion, race, or homeland.
I will remain respectful of tradtion and dedicate my heart and action to mercifull justice and the defense of what is good.
I will train my body and mind to bear this burden that I have accepted, I will maintain my weapon as my most precious possession.
My mission is sacred and I will see it through to the end, even at the risk of my own life.
Let the weight of this hammer be a constant reminder of my pledge. Let me be worthy of it.”

Ranks within the Order

Members carry a hammer and wear either a full tabard or belt favour showing their rank.

  • Beggar Knight (Initiate)
  • Poor Knight (Agent)
  • Wandering Knight (Mentor)
  • Sergeant Knight (Mentor)
  • Knight Commander (Leader)
  • Grandmaster of the Order (Leader)

Beggar Knight (white tabard): There are many who temporarily will work and fight alongside the order. This can include individuals who are serving in exchange for other punishment, militia raised for a battle, and various other reasons.

Poor Knight (red tabard): Upon proving their skills and dedication, the individual will take the Red, serving as the primary forces of the Order.

Wandering Knight and Sergeant Knight (blue tabard): A knight who takes the Blue has demonstrated great abilities and leadership. Some take it upon themselves to travel independently on a quest related to the needs of the Order such as messenger or recruiter. Others dedicate themselves to the training and maintaining of the chapterhouses and recruits, operating as the middle management of the Order.

Master Knight (black tabard): There are few who are recognized for the Black. It is considered the highest honor available. There are only a limited number of Knights who take the Black. These are the leaders of the Order, each responsible for key roles. By tradition, a Master Knight will appoint a successor before undertaking the Final Vow. If a Master Knight dies before appointing a successor, one will be appointed as needed by the Grandmasters.

Grandmaster Knight (black tabard): By tradition there are two grandmasters, a cleric and a warrior. Each has been chosen from nominated Master Knights as a final act before undertaking the Final Vow.

The Final Vow

When a Knight takes the Black, they follow the path of their first founder as a leader. When they leave the Black, they follow the path of their second founder as a crusader and journey one last time into the Underdark, pledging to return only when they have purged the evil creatures there.

Fraternal Order of the Gauntlets of Justice

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