White Plague

Outbreaks have occured usually within a decade or two of major Underdark incursions, leading most sages to conclude that this pestilence originates far beneath the surface. Symptoms include fever, vomiting, and the bulbous white sores that the affliction is named for. It has proven highly resistant to magical treatments and leads to death within weeks.

Red Death

Rare and extremely deadly. Extreme cases result in the victims bleeding out from skin and the eyes within a week or two of exposure. Ancient Koth reports a number of outbreaks, as well as more recent occurances in Panrovia and Archea. Other symptoms include increased agression, fever, and internal bleeding.

Dark Horse

Commonly found affecting soldiers on the battlefield, transmitted through fouled water. Leads to diarrhea and internal bleeding and eventual death through dehydration.

Demon Pox

An arcane disease that affects Tieflings, wild magic users, and various others connected to strong magical exposures. It eventually disrupts magical abilities.


In addition to the barbarian tribes that eventually founded the kingdoms of the Middle Marches, there still roams numerous tribes of human, goblinoid, and orcs. Arkea has been repeatedly sieged from the East and North.

Earthquakes & Volcanoes

Archea has been affected by numerous geological incidents, several leading to the massive destruction of several cities and at least one city colony being buried beneath volcanic ash.


Many have neither forgotten the old gods and others have been seduced by the exiled dark powers. Through their devotion, the followers have been granted paranormal abilites.


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