Tag: Elf


  • Bora Forest

    Homeland to the majority of remaining Free Elves, better known as Wood Elves. Economic and diplomatic relationships vary from tribe to tribe. Melisari Den Sennore Unna Alinorre

  • Wardancers

    _Ravandill and Minyadan stand brave at Rhana Dandra, The Sun Prince, his arms wide_ _ Performance by the Masque of the Frozen Stars_ Historians, warriors, and artistic performers that roam the elven lands; by channeling their understanding of the …

  • Fletcher of Remul

    He and his family were raised as property of a wealthy Archaen merchant family. Eventually he earned his way to freedom but continued to labour for sub-par rates to earn enough to buy the freedom for his sister and nephew

  • Hazradal del Libros

    Claims to be a Scholar of the Unseen Academy of Vodarre. Wears the common dark robes of a Vodarre drow, two shot swords, Leather or silk armor, a backpack of books and dungeoneering gear, and goggles for daylight compensation. Cheerful and charming.