Dungeon Delvers

Chapter 3: The Barbarus Contract

Our Heroes are hired to retrieve a lost item but find themselves in a gang war.

While out and about, Peleus encounters Arlo Barbarus, the merchant they had picked up on the road to Lakeshore. Appealing to Peleus’s as a fellow Archaen and the opportunity for earning over a hundred gold in exchange for the simple task of retrieving a singluar item. The item in question had been en route to a client in Archea when it had been intercepted on the road. According to Arlo’s sources, the item had come into the possession of the disreputable Blackhammer family.

Using brawn and charisma, the Heroes attempt to track down the Blackhammers, apparently a criminal cartel. Using a surprising amount of restraint, a lead is found through a concealed entrance to the tunnels beneath the streets. What they found was death.

From room to room, bodies slain by repeated stabbings lay strewn. Among the bodies a calling card was found, a silver coin bearing the sign of a wolf. The identity of the attackers was revealed when a sole survivors was found, narrowly clinging to life and a crossbow. According to Ulrich Blackhammer, the Lycanos has infiltrated this hideout and killed all they found. Once healed, Ulrich led the party back to the surface through a hidden door through the back of a less than reputable waterfront bar, The Cecil.

No closer to finding the stolen goods, the party turns to exploring other options in the morning.

Chapter 2: A Long Stay in Lakeshore
Where in a band of adventurers is left to their own devices within the walled city of Lakeshore

An old friend and classmate is encountered, a fight breaks out, and it isn’t the fault of the party.

Chapter 1: Curse of the Kobold Caves
A band of adventurers come to the aid of besieged farmers

Many have answered the call to adventure and journeyed to Eisengard. However such endeavors require more than just noble intentions. Several such individuals found employement as caravan guards for Chester Q. Copperpot, gnomish enterprenuer.

While still several days from the trade town of Lakeshore, the night was interupted by a young woman being chased by kobold raiders. After driving off the kobolds, it was learned that Juliana Verdun had been urged to flee from her farm by her father, Hugo, while he attempted to drive back the larger band of raiders.

Rushing to the farm despite the cover of night, the party found a handfull of kobolds laying in wait. Once vanquishing them, the party further pursued the tracks to a series of caves soem hours away.

The cave they found turned out to be a series of traps and hazards, a ruse set up by the kobolds. After retreating back to camp to regroup and recover from an agressively slithering slime, the party ventured once more during the early dusk to the caves, finding an entrance that had been concealed.

After a pitched battle though the tunnels and vanquishing the kobold chieften, the party cautiously searched for signs of the missing farmer. Locked up in primitive cells they found Hugo as well as two monsters, a merchant and his guard.

Not seeking further engagement with the kobolds, the party once again returned to camp and resumed their trek. Not even a day further down the road they found the recent remains of another ambush, the guards showing signs of a far stronger attacker than mere kobolds. Simple funerary pyres were performed in the manner of the Archaens and the caravan hurried onwards to the city of Lakeshore.

Book 1: The Call of the Mountain King

Book One: Call of the Mountain King

The bards sing the sorrows of Eisengard, overrun by the Warlock of Morgath and his Black Beast. Armies of orcs, goblins, and other fell creatures burst forth from the Dark Roads below, spreading a shadow across the Middle Marches that lasted for over a century.

Through might and daring and great cost, the King Under the Mountain was restored and the land reclaimed. Depsite the return of law and light, there remains the taint of darkness. Maurading bands still roam the wilds, paths to the Underdark still lie undiscovered and unsealed, and evil cultists undermine the great cities of the Marches.

It is a time of upheaval and change, of fear and hope, and even opportunity. Caves of plundered loot to be recovered, villages needing defenders, and intrepid explorers to restore what has been lost.


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