Wulfgar, son of Stienar

Warrior of the Lochlannoch Tribes, slayer of monsters


Leader of the Sons of the Red Boar (as shown on their banner and belts)
Son of Stienar, great among ring givers.

Accompanied by Hrothgar (scout), Brunna (skald), Farnel (shield bearer), Jorgan the Wild (berserker).

After provoking an incident in the palace of Kal Eisen, he and his surviving companions were stripped of their gear (including the enchanted blade, Fang of the North) and have been banished for a year and a day (Bluesky 2, 1528). Farnel and Hrothgar both died as a result of the ensuing battle.

The great accomplishments of Wulfgar according to Brunna the Skald
- slew a sea serpent when he was but a child
- tore the arm off an ogre with his bare hands
- defeated the restless dead of a barrow
- did lead his companions to best a giant
and more … but interupted.


Wulfgar, son of Stienar

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