Sergeant Skygen Stronginthearm

Tough as nails, quick with a crossbow, doesn't like nonsense


Preferring to knock some skulls over completing paperwork, Sgt. Stronginthearm is a good match to his regular patrol around the docksides.

Standard stocky dwarf build, dark hair, carries a reinforced crossbow.


Of distant relation to Stiengard Stronginthearms, a fact he grudgingly admits as he prefers to make a name of his own. According to the dockside residents of Lakeshore, he has been doing a fine job of that.
In no danger of promotion due to reprimands on shoddy paper work and questionable conduct in the eyes of the law, he has the full support of Reeve Barek Bloodaxe (who shares a similar skull knocking approach to peace keeping).

Sergeant Skygen Stronginthearm

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