Valkethys Sentarim

Clan Elder and Historical Scholar


His brass scales are dulled with age but his mind still sharp as ever. He wears leather framed spectacles and bears an enchanted staff.
He has suffered the loss of both arms and a leg at the hands of a mad cultist. He is currently using a dwarf artifices to assist his mobility.


There are few living who have delved so deeply into the history of the Dragonborn race as this scholar. It is said that his efforts have recovered many an ancient tradition of his people.

He has often acted as a well spoken and resepcted advocate of his people and has negotiated with the Iron Crown of Kal Eisen for his Clan.

The outcome of his ‘damn fool quest’ to uncover the secrets of the Dragonlords has borne results but at a grim cost to his body and spirit.

Valkethys Sentarim

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