Patricles of Trachyte

Sarcastic, conniving, weaselfaced


A weaselfaced sycophantic opporturnist according to his family. Others are not so kind in their description, but it must be admitted that he has been blessed with moments of shrewd cunning.
He favours dark colours and a rich lifestyle, preferably at the expense of another.

In something seeming completely out of character, Patricles is laboring to establish a trading house, “Obsidian Coast Partners”. Naturally, everyone is suspicious of his motives and methods.

The Ever Quotable Patricles

Patricles: “Sir, if you don’t mind me saying, you have a rather nasty streak of morality running through you.”

Patricles: Sir, if it was my ambition in life to make my fortune through stripping the silken trousers off of burly Archean men named “Guido” that are so hairy that you would mistake them for a walking Southlands rug, then I would have stayed on our island and rented myself out as a “cabana boy” at the local bathhouses down by the docks.

Patricles looking at a handful of uncut gems
Sir, you just might possess some socially redeeming qualities after all, please don’t respond and ruin this fragile moment. I’ve gone to my “happy place”.


Patricles has been travelling as advisor to his cousin Peleus on an epic adventure. His personal reasons for leaving Trachyte are shrouded with rumours and suspiscions, only a few involving farm animals.

Patricles of Trachyte

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