Juliana and Hugo Verdun

Simple farmers


Juliana and Hugo farm several days outside of Lakeshore.

Hugo is a stong backed and stubborn farmer with a taste for the stronger drinks of his own making. His family is originally from Merrovin but earned the land through military service to the Iron Crown. Hugo himself despite his age served in the battle of Blackgate. He is determined to restore this farm with what he earned as a soldier.

Fair haired, tufts of it stick out wildly. He is lank in build and his hands are well muscled.

Juliana is equally stubborn to her widowed father (and reputedly so was her mother). Most of her childhood was spent with her cousins in Lakeshore before it was deemed safe enough for her to aid her father on the family farm.

Dark haired and moderately pretty.


Juliana and Hugo Verdun

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