Hektor of Keegan

Former Mage Knight, now a haunted armor


An archaic suit of full plate, with an echoing voice and an amulet of translation.

At one time, he bore the sword Aecris, a well fashioned blade that had been given to him by the Emperor’s son prior to the fall of the First Empire and the Vecna Event.


Sir Hektor of Keegan, Mage Knight of the Order of the Fiery Chariot, Captain in the Imperial VI Legion, twice decorated for his bravery in the line of duty. Dedicated father and devoted husband.
At least, that is who he used to be …

Twelve hundred years ago, Sir Hektor was serving in Runeel Keep, defending the mages in the nearby tower. Then without warning, he and his fellow mage knights found themselves in a magical disaster. Knights were struck down, transforming into demons and attacking their fellow knights. The nearby mage tower exploded and fell. Most terrifying of all, beneath an ancient ruin, mages were found tampering with a rift to the Shadowfell that was unleashing waves of negative energy across the land. Within the ruins, the mage knights found themselves corrupted by the Rift. The other knights barricaded them in. By the time they regained their senses, it was too late. Hektor attempted to assemble a final line of defense from the empty armor of the fallen until he finally consigned himself to stand guard even long after his flesh had failed. Unknown to him, the event was not singular, for 1200 years ago ley lines and nexuses had responded with wild surges to the efforts of the Circle of Vecna.

Hektor had attempted to lay his family to rest, but with the resurgence of the Rift, he fears for them still. (Wife, Kassia, Daughter Merkades, Son Anaxillis).

Hektor of Keegan

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