Fletcher of Remul

Charismatic, job oriented, unobtrusive


First appeared in [[Chapter 3: The Barbarus Contract | Chapter 3: The Barbarus Contract]]

Well dressed, constantly wears gloves (it has been assumed to cover property marks of an Archaen slave market), light blonde hair.

Regularly used to deal with business that master merchants would not wish to muddy their hands with, more because of status than any issues of legality.

Murdered by Agrikan cultists while he attempted to secure a warehouse door, unaware that they had already concealed themselves within the building. See [[Chapter 6: The Hand of Agrik | [[Chapter 6: The Hand of Agrik | Chapter 6: The Hand of Agrik]]]]

Fletcher leaves behind a sister and nephew that are reputedly still slaves in Archea, ownership and names unknown.


He and his family were raised as property of a wealthy Archaen merchant family. Eventually he earned his way to freedom but continued to labour for sub-par rates to earn enough to buy the freedom for his sister and nephew

Fletcher of Remul

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