Dorri Brighthelm

Adventuring dwarf cleric


Stout hammer wielding Knight of the Gauntlets, Dorri maintains a spotless fighting kit that gleams, casting a soft glow across the flowing blond beard and braids.

No one is quite sure if Dorri is a male dwarf with an above average interest in personal hygiene and personal grooming or a female dwarf with remarkable facial hair.

Dorri may be in a command position but still prefers to act in support of the unit, buffing and healing in the heat of battle. Assisting Dorri is Corporal Marion Merriwhistle, gnomish acolyte.


Participated in the raids against the Toecutter Goblins outside Kal Eisen.
Previously served in the Battle of Blackgate
Sergeant Knight of the Fraternal Order of the Gauntlets of Justice

Dorri Brighthelm

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