Diedrich of Baeduex

Square jawed champion of Good


Sworn initiate of the warrior fraternity, the Gauntlets of Justice.
Commonly seen in chain armour, bearing a long sword, shield, and warhammer.

Devout follower of Kalael though not a priest or paladin (yet, but once he leads a successful quest into the Wild Lands or somewhere similarly perilous he’s sure that it will win him approval).

Diedrich is currently accompanied by his squire, Robert de Gris.

Was [[Chapter 6: The Hand of Agrik | entrusted]] with the The Shining Trapezohedron


Diedrich achieved his rank more by his relation to the Duke of Veraquilon than actual deed. This more than anything spurred him on his path to adventure, to prove himself worthy of the title.

In his travels eastward, Diedrich crossed paths with Fraternal Order of the Gauntlets of Justice. The fame of the Order be believed would propel him on his path to glory. Unfortunately an order sworn to the spreading of good and the preservation of justice often finds itself spread thin, having lost many in the recent Battle of Black Gate. Knight Captain Stefan of the chapterhouse was more concerned with securing the local region than launching an assualt into the wild lands across the Iron Mountains. Though Diedrich vocally supports the same tenents as the Order, he has yet to prove himself worthy of being more than an eager applicant

Diedrich of Baeduex

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