Fidgety half elf member of the Gauntlets


Medium brown short hair, lean frame, brown cloak.

Usually equipped with the standard Gauntlet kit of a long sword, dagger, and light crossbow, chain shirt and shield.

Wears the red tabbard of the Fraternal Order of the Gauntlets of Justice

His forearms show an incredible amount of burn scars and his back has many healed welts.


Corwin refuses to speak about his past.
The Order has offered Corwin a place to stay and potential allies when his past catches up to him.

Participated in the escort of Jack Montrey to Kal Eisen.

Participated in the Scouting Party to Beryl and the nearby abandoned keep under Sergeant Gregor before being captured by Dragon Cultists, latter rescued by a party of adventurers. Took responsibility to escort his fellow rescued survivors.
He blames Diedrich of Baeduex for the deaths of Gregor and Fritz.


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