Dungeon Delvers

Chapter 9: Fury of the Worg Riders

From the 22nd to the 24th of Stormsfury, Kingdom of Eisengard

The heroes confront the remains of the Firefangs, and drive off what flees too fast to kill. Among the looted goods they discover a map detailing other possible location of evil’s footholds in Eisengard. The victory is short lived for within two days the Firefangs return with reinforcements and the worgs riders are closing fast.

Chapter 9:
Wherein our Heroes press on, killing their enemies, driving them from their mountain lair, and hearing the parting threats of the hobgoblins.
Delivering a mighty blow with not only the slaughter of all but a handful of goblins but the death of Rictus, Cultist of Agrik, they come across a map showing that this is far more an organized assualt than earlier suspected.

Following back the trail, they gain further signs of something abominable dwelling in the region, finding a gutted black bear near the path. After some discussion, it is agreed upon that it is a matter for another time and that they needed to return to a defensible posistion before the goblins made good on their promise to return and in greater numbers.

Returning to the caravan, they managed two more days of cautious travel before they were visited by the results of the Firefang massacre. With a sudden burst of birds from the underbrush, in the far distance a horde of worg riders came approaching at speed. Driving them with fury, the clamour of drums and horns and the might of their warlord upon his chariot. Sign of dwarf markers suggest that help should be near, but will be it near enough? To be continued …


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