Dungeon Delvers

Chapter 5 - From Beyond the Walls of Death

Chapter 5 – From Beyond the Walls of Death
The Party investigates the damp caves behind the secret door, managing to kill all they find in the chuul nest and drive away an acidic green ooze. They stumbled upon a secret passage that led them to what appeared to be a chapel dedicated to the Great Platinum, better known as Bahamut.

The alters (adorned with exceptional dragon statuettes of silver and platinum, appraised at being worth between 600 to 1000 gp each) spoke to the many deeds and names of Bahamut, depicting his triumph over the Mother of ten thousand monsters, gifting humans with the seeming of dragons (perhaps the origin of Dragonborn), and in his resplendence. (Mostly) following the inscribed prayer to “Kneel and offer praise” warded off the animated armor guardians of the chamber. The armors appeared to belong to an archaic time, perhaps one of the Imperial Mage Knight Legions founded by the Sorcerer Emperor Dorian I. Such legions had been responsible for the pacification of the Elven Woods but later disbanded after the Vecna Event.

Beyond the chapel the Party found a grand summoning circle surrounded by incredibly lifelike stone statues of devils perched around the room, with eyes that seemed to follow you as you passed. As unsettling as that was, it still did not forewarn the Party of the lesser summoning traps in the corridors beyond. These engraved sigils of death flared, unleashing terror and spectres and proceeded to drain many of their very life essence. Attempting to retreat to stairs leading up, it was discovered that this door was indeed the same that had been barred, chained, and marked for danger on the other side. Rallying forth behind the cleric’s upheld holy symbol, Dispatching the final specter, the party sought refuge on the stairs belong (rather than retreating and risking the summoning circles a second time).

Instead, they found a armored warrior barring their way, declaring that the Rift must not be disturbed and demanding that they declare their intentions. To be continued in … The Tomb of Secrets


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