Dungeon Delvers

Chapter 2 - Ruins of the Past

Bluesky 15th
Having escorted the survivors of Beryl to Kal Eisen, the party stays but briefly before once more taking up the quest to track down the missing archaeologists.

Hilda reconnected with Gartok
Vashaela updated the Harpers
Tordek made inquiries at the Hall of Paragons, abuzz with activity in anticipation of the five days of Zim Dien
Seryna picked up a treatise written by the missing scholar.
Pyry continued digging up what she could on the Mad Northmen

Bluesky 20th, Summer Solstice
Little had changed in Beryl during the intervening time, but for the disturbing discovery that two of the graves had been dug up, possibly from the inside.

Pek & Company discover the Beryl rumours of Roaming Dead are true! Late night encounters with a mysterious green mist and a variety of zombie / skeleton humanoids including dragonborne, an orc, an ogre, and a human cultist of Tiamat. The cursed keep appears to have been recently renovated and abandoned by a orc mercenaries. Instead, there are two manitcores who have set up a nest. Once the many toothed monstrosities were slain, the manti-kittens are put to sleep and killed as well. The loot is meager but the mages are thrilled about acquiring monster bits!

Meanwhile Peleus goes toe to toe with hobgoblins and more. More details later.


BlueSeven BlueSeven

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