Dungeon Delvers

Chapter 10: The Gates of Kal Eisen

The heroes must decide to stay and fight or to attempt to outrace their pursuers …

Pursued by an enraged hobgoblin captain and his savage goblin worg riders, the party makes a stand against what little reamins after a pair of spike growth spells rips the charge to shreds.

Finally arriving at Kal Eisen Engineering Corps Third Work Site (future home to a Wayhouse), the party encounters an enthusiastic civil engineer, an old foe (Darl Rikkerson & company), and new faces (a work band of dragonborn). Gartok delivers a heartfelt goodbye to Hilda and the others for a vision has sent him on a quest to rescue orphan bear cubs left behind.

Working their way past two days more of road construction (but otherwise uneventful), the party arrives at the Gates of Kal Eisen. After declaring their business and getting paid by Chester and the selling of loot, there is a review of the quests that call to them.

1) Seek out the missing Dragonborn Elder Zhanterim and the site of ancient power
2) The Legacy of Binwin Bronzebeard
3) Explore the Deep Roads beneath Kal Eisen.
4) Return to the Goblin Caves

And then the King sent them a summons …


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