Dungeon Delvers

Chapter 1 - Occurence in a Small Town

Parties collide in the pursuit of a missing scholar

Taking place from Bluesky 2 to 14th in the 3rd year of Erik of the Iron Crown

After some drunken revelry at Handsome Jimmy’s, a truce is decided upon between the rival adventuring parties in the name of pursuing greater deeds. Not so early on the 2nd of Bluesky, the merged party heads out.

Peleus remains in Kal Eisen with his own problems to solve (more later)
while the others make their way to the outpost village of Beryl, the last reported destination of the dragonborn scholar Sentarim of Clan Valkethys.

After five days of travel along a little used road to the NW, there is the faint smell of smoke suggesting that all is not right in Beryl. Upon entering Beryl, the party encountered orc raiders. However the orcs demonstrate an unexpected degree of coordination and tactics. Despite this, only a single orc managed to escape the encounter, fleeing presumably to the lumber mill outside the village.

Further investigation revealed that these orcs were a remnant of the once infamous warband of Mokk’s Mauraders before the loss of their leader and being routed at the Battle of Blackgate Pass. A leather note found on one of the orcs suggested something far more troubling – that “Mokk had risen in the East and his banner calls on you”.

The few hovels left standing were deserted and many bodies had been piled up in the town centre. Two still had the remains of the training tabarads of previously encountered Hammer of Justice poor knights.

The sturdiest building remaining was the ancient temple of the Seven. Barred from the outside and built closer to a small fortress than a place of worship, it had managed to endure the attack. The decorative statues had been broken and defaced and layers of profane graffiti in Draconic (praising Tiamat) and Infernal (rantings of Agrik), but the had still held.

Upon discovering a secret sally port, the party entered the temple and uncovered a secret bolt hole. The air was filled with a pungent goat like smell. Below it was discovered that a dozen women and children had taken refuge in the bolt hole, defended by a lone squire, Robert de Gris. Weakened but resolved, Robert threatened the party to prove that they were indeed rescuers and not just a fiendish trick of the attackers.

Once convinced, Robert told the tale of what had befallen Beryl, at least to the best of his knowledge. A small contingent of Gauntlets had been sent this way to search for a fort that had been abandoned many centuries earlier. Beryl had been the closest settlement and had served as a base of operations for them. Then the raiders came, led by a dragon lord, abducting townsfolk and pressing them into the Seven knows what. The knights had aided the townsfolk as best they could. Robert had been ordered to defend the women and children in what was deemed the safest place – the secret bolt hole. For over a week they waited for word of the victory but none came. resources had been split so thin that hardly any could remain standing much less mount a reasonable defense so the continued to hide, Richard holding faithful to the word of his knight, Deitrich of Baeduex. So weakened were they that they had not even noticed when Effie had passed.

Now rescued, the survivors were escourted back to Kal Eisen and arrived back on the 14th of Blueskies, the eve of the grand celebration of Zim Dien .

Interlude: Somewhere not far away …
A hooded elf hunches over the scene of a battle, sprinking a faint powder across the remains of looted cultists. She mutters a few words under his breath and is rewarded with a faint glow.
She is joined by a burly dragonborn bearing a great sword across his shoulders.
“Villagers confirm she was here,” he grunts. “Says she’s some kind of hero. Might even raise a statue to her. Ain’t that a hoot.”
“Makes out job all the easier then. Any mention of where she went next?”
“South. Chasing some sort of cult leader.”
“Then south we go as well.”
End Interlude …


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