Book Two: Shadows over the Borderlands

Recognized by the Iron Crown of Kal Eisen as heroes, the adventurers embark upon another quest that will take them to the frontiers of Eisengard and an encounter with the pasts.

Open Quests

Clear monsters from the Deep Roads to Morvin Kal

Locate the Family of Fletcher of Remul

Investigate the Bronzebeard Legacy

Investigate the Biggest Bear Ever

Complete Exploring the Kobold Caves

Investigate Mokk Rising in the East

Book 1: Completed Quests

Escort mechant Chester Q. Copperpot to Kal Eisen

Restore the Broken Circle: The party recovers the Heart of the Forest and defeats the Unseelie foe, Black Annie.

The Barbarus Contract: The party recovers the stolen Stone of Summoning, but turns it over to the zealous Sir Detrich instead of Barbarus

Raid the Kobold Caves: The party manages to rescue Juliana and Hugo Verdun and others from a cave of fiendish kobold raiders.

Book 2: Completed Quests

Valkethys Sentarim rescued from the clutches of a mad cultist. Though crippled, there is great excitement at what was uncovered in the dungeons beneath the Dragon Spire.

Dungeon Delvers

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